CanigoOil - Llàgrimes del Canigó - “FIRE” Spicy Olive Oil (Mini Size)


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“FIRE” is the miniature version of our best-selling oil, chilli, garlic and pepper oil. This oil is 100ml, which makes it ideal for gift baskets and for tourists, since it can be carried in cabin luggage. 

It has a spicy, intense and spicy flavor that makes it a perfect companion for pizza, pasta and meat, although it can be used in all types of recipes.

No added artificial scents The secret of our spicy oil is the perfect balance between the bird's eye chilli pepper, one of the spiciest, and the garlic from the Father of Jesus's garden (located in Agullana), who has been planting his Banyoles garlic for more than 40 years. In addition, the selection of peppers that we add to our extra virgin olive oil (black pepper, white pepper, allspice, pink pepper and green pepper), gives it that special touch that your palate likes so much.

Made in Spain