Bulk Chocolate - Valrhona


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Available in approx .33lb package each

The quality of the desserts you create relies heavily on the quality of ingredients you use. Opt for the highest quality chocolate pieces when you choose Valrhona chocolate feves. These chocolate wafers are excellent alternatives to chocolate chips and other chocolate chunks. They feature a unique oval shape with an indented center. These chocolate feves come in several different chocolate varieties. Each one has a unique cocoa content level and is made from cocoa beans from a different exotic origin. Look through each one to find the ideal flavor for your sweet creation.


Jivara Milk Chocolate Baking Feves 40% Cacao, Couverture Milk Chocolate

Your desserts will be vastly improved by the addition of pieces of creamy and sweet Jivara milk chocolate. Swap your traditional chocolate chips out for a bag of high-quality Valrhona milk chocolate feves. These flat milk chocolate discs feature an oval shape and an indentation in the center of each feve. They’re made with the highest quality chocolate and produced by expert chocolatiers in France’s Rhone Valley. Use them to enhance pastries, baked goods, mousse, ice cream and much more.

Manjari Dark Chocolate Baking Feves 64% Cacao, Couverture Dark Chocolate

A blend of Criollos and Trinitarios cocoa beans from Madagascar. Very characteristic, fresh slightly acid chocolate taste, with intense hints of red fruits. Technical uses: pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding, couverture, icing.

Caraibe Dark Chocolate Baking Feves 66% Cacao, Couverture Dark Chocolate

A blend of Trinitarios cocoa beans from the Caribbean Islands. Beautiful chocolate taste, sustained fullness with hints of dried fruits and grilled almonds with a woody base. Technical uses : pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding, couverture, icing.

Nyangbo Dark Chocolate Baking Feves 68% Cacao, Couverture Dark Chocolate

Valrhona Nyangbo bittersweet single-origin dark chocolate is made from beans grown in Ghana on the African continent. Nyangbo has has a round warm chocolate note and subtle acidity, finishing with a soft and sweet spiciness. The flavor is enhanced by a delicate bitter presence.