Brasserie au Baron Noblesse Oblige


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Brasserie au Baron- Gussignies, Hauts-de-France France with Jester King- Austin, TX

Noblesse Oblige is an exceptional beer brewed during a collaboration between Jester-King Brewery in Texas and Au Baron. It is brewed with Sabro hops, a very bitter hop with exotic flavors. To balance this punchy bitterness , we pour honey into the boiling tank, which gives the Noblesse Oblige a nice balance that makes it hyper-thirst-quenching!

This light beer from Garde with a light yellow and oily color is topped with a fine white foam. On the nose, it has floral aromas of malt, hops and fresh fruit with a slight touch of honey.

​Unfiltered and refermented beer in the bottle

4.7% ABV

750mL bottle