Boissiere Vermouth Extra Dry 1L


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Boissiere (BWA-see-air) Vermouth is an essential ingredient in countless classic cocktail recipes, recognized for its floral and herbal aromas and refined palate.

Boissiere's prized original blend, infused with select botanicals such as elderflower, chamomile and coriander, was developed in France in 1857. In 1971, seeking a new home, Boissiere relocated to the other side of Mont Blanc to Turin, Italy. This vermouth can claim two of the "capitals" of vermouth as it home.

Nose: Very light and floral, with a brisk aroma of roses.
Palate: Initial wave of sweetness, then light, citrusy and floral with hints of rose petal and orange flower water.
Alcohol: 18 %
Finish: Mildly effervescent mouth feel though it is not carbonated and finishes with just a hint of roasted nuts.
Serving Suggestions: As an aperitif, neat, over ice with a twist of lemon or as a long drink mixed with soda water, tonic or lemonade.