Blanchard's Coffee - Ethiopia Haro Welabu


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Haro Welabu is a naturally processed coffee that hails from the Guji region of Ethiopia. We got this coffee in from our friends at Red Fox, and it is the second time we've had it on our roster. Today's Haru Welabu is a departure from yesteryears in that they are processed a little bit differently. Our previous release of this coffee was an anaerobic natural process, versus this year’s which is a classic natural process. The main difference between the two is that with anaerobic naturals, the cherries are placed in sealed tanks to ferment without oxygen. This style of fermentation yields a really distinct flavor profile with a higher acidity. The classic natural process is when coffee is dried with the cherries intact. Both types produce exciting, more fruit-forward coffees. They are the type of coffee that can get you to question the possibilities of what a brew can taste like.