Bio Orto Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Water


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Our tomatoes, which are peeled by hand and preserved in natural salted water, exude all the scent of freshly picked tomatoes and are irreplaceable in the preparation of soups, pizzas or fish and meat dishes.

Size: 550 grams/19.4 ounces

Made in Italy

The story:

The tenacious character of the Passalacqua family can be traced back to its mountain origins, to the rigor of the Abruzzo mountains, from which grandma Giulia and grandfather Pietro still descended in the mid-1900s to reach the board of Puglia, engaged in the hard but noble art of transhumance.

From nomadic pastoralism to agriculture, the transition was natural, but it is with sacrifice and work that the land that today sees the vegetables and fruit of Bio Orto extend as far as the eye can see.

The company was born already adult and with those far-sighted ideas that only dad Nino was able to put into perspective.

The collaboration of the children Nino jr, Tiziano and Giulia with her husband Mirko is precious, and it is in the family dedication that lies the secret of the attachment to tradition and at the same time of the momentum towards research and innovation that has made Bio Orto a worldwide established brand.

Between tradition and innovation, over the years Bio Orto has established itself as one of the most important European realities in the field of organic agriculture.

What drives us in everyday life is the need to satisfy our customers, the constant desire to improve and the possibility of being able to collaborate as a "big family". We have chosen to innovate, always. An adventure, in continuous growth, thanks to innovative production systems that allow us to differentiate ourselves from others on the market.

The convinced choice of organic has been strengthened over the years by an extreme attention to the path from the earth to the table, both for fresh and canned food.