Bio Orto Organic "Ogliarola" Monotcultivar Grand Cru Olive Oil


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From the oldest parcels of the Posta dei Colli farm, we obtained this line of Grand Cru, a limited series that best expresses the link with the territory and the three cultivars that represent it. Ogliarola.
“Peranzana” is a pure cultivar; the organic olive is medium-sized and produces an oil with low levels of acidity and a very balanced taste, making the organic oil ready for consumption as soon as it is extracted, without needing to ripen or be mixed with other oils.
Colour, fragrance and taste of the oil: Intense gold, with elegant green hues, fine notes from the delicate fruity flavour, sweet and intense, soft on the palate, with a grassy aftertaste, hints of almond with spicy notes.
Made in Italy
Size: 500ml