Bindi Sergardi Achille Toscana Rosso 2020


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Alcohol: 14%

Grape(s): Sangiovese

Localization: Tuscany, Italy

Tasting Notes: Intense ruby red color. An intense and fruity bouquet. The accents of mature red fruit, cherries, and blackberries are more evident. Achille is very round, sweet, and soft in the mouth, making it so delicious and easy to drink. The finish is characterized by a persistent flavor, a very inviting wine.

The Domain: Legendary in Italy for its Renaissance art and striking landscape, Tuscany is also home to many of its best red wines.In almost all of Tuscany's best,  Sangiovese reigns supreme here, as either the single varietal or a dominant playet.

A remarkable Chianti, named for its region of origin, will have a bright acidity, supple tannins, and plenty of cherry fruit character. From the hills and valleys surrounding the medieval village of Montalcino come the distinguished and age-worthy wines based on Brunello (Sangiovese). Earning global acclaim since the 1970s, the Tuscan Blends are composed solely of international grape varieties or a mix of international and Sangiovese. The wine is called Vine Nobile di Montepulciano, composed of Prognolo Gentile (Sangiovese), and is recognized both for finesse and power.