Benchtop Oma Foeder Aged German Lager


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Foeder Aged German Lager

Benchtop Brewing, Norfolk, VA

Oma is our newest lager coming from our foeder lager project. Oma is named after our founder’s grandmother who’s given name was actually Oma. She was of German descent, 1 of 13 children, and the most frugal woman you could meet. If you have spent a few minutes with Eric, you probably know that this frugality was passed down.

We did our best to make this pilsner as true to style as we could despite the obvious deviation that is the foeder aging. We were looking to capture the essence of Northern German Pilsners with our liberal use of Tettnanger hops combined with German Pilsner malt. This pilsner is clean, crisp, creamy, and has a refreshing bitterness. We’d like to think that Oma would approve.

5.0% ABV

4pk 16oz Cans