Antidote Chocolate - "Hybris" Flavor Fusion Chocolate Bar


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Sophisticated and sexy, the juniper berry pine perfume in this dark chocolate seduces and opens the tongue to an exhilarating taste associated in the past only to gin. Rich and aromatic. Tropical bits of dried mango mingle with crushed juniper berries.

73% Cacao, Origin: Ecuador, Guayas Province

2.3oz/65g bar

Antidote Chocolate's Flavor Fusion Bars are made with exquisite flavors + slow roasted Arriba Nacional cacao.

Want to try the best tasting and most nourishing chocolate bar? Come for the taste, stay for the love. These gourmet chocolate bars will delight the tongue and energize everything else. Our bars are loaded with cacao that is nourishing from the inside out boasting with antioxidants and feel good nutrients.

Chocolate that is truly good for you as we use high cacao and less sugar. Antidote Chocolate is a woman-owned and run maker of chocolate that loves you back.

Creativity is in our DNA: We create innovative delicious flavors, using “new-in-chocolate” ingredients and have been pioneering culinary flavors and beautiful packaging since 2010 for the optimists and believers of a beautiful tomorrow.