André Laurent Sauerkraut Heart Of Cabbage Jar


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Discover the quintessential French delight of Choucroute, most revered in Alsace and cherished in brasseries, particularly Paris.

Indulge in the epitome of a French sauerkraut platter - a generous mound of delicately seasoned sauerkraut adorned with an array of sausages, succulent cuts of pork, and delectable boiled potatoes on the side.

Crafted with finesse, cooked with wine, and expertly balanced with the addition of smoked bacon pieces and luscious goose fat, the French sauerkraut stands apart from its American counterpart.

Now, unleash your culinary creativity with Andre Laurent's French gourmet sauerkraut, a delectable canvas awaiting your choice of sausages and meats. Embark on an authentic gastronomic journey, right from the comfort of your kitchen!


Product of France