Amber Cheddar - Chapel's Country Creamery

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Available in .5 lb pieces | Pasteurized Cows Milk

Imagine a cheese with the pleasant qualities of cheddar but with a funky finish- you’ve got Amber Cheddar. With its bright orange rind,showing a slight bloom, Amber Cheddar is a slightly funky and bitter cheddar with a classically sharp paste and a long, sweet finish. Washed for at least 1 month with Cutlass Vienna Lager from Heavy Seas Brewery in Baltimore, Maryland, Amber Cheddar is a complex and dynamic take on Chapel’s Country Creamery’s classic Chapel Cheddar.

Pairs well with: Toasted rye bread, hazelnuts, apples, and pears
Tastes good with: Sour beers, IPA beers, or medium bodied reds

Taste: Like funky toasted caramel
Feel: A slightly tacky rind and a smooth and crumbly paste that melts on your tongue
Smell: Funky and tangy while still sweet and caramel

Age: Washed rind cheddar aged 3+ months
Milk: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet Type: Vegetarian