Alberto Orte Atlántida 2015


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Alcohol: 13,5%

Grape(s): Tintilla

Localization: Spain

Tasting Notes: Atlantida is a dry red wine made in Cadiz, most famous for the fortified sherry wines of Jerez. Made from the nearly extinct Tintilla grape variety, which is an ancient variety most similar to Tinta Miuda from Portugal, and also likened to the more famous Graciano of Rioja.

Food pairing: Atlantida Tinto pairs beautifully with grilled meats, aged cheese, hearty stews. Though, a cool night and some fine company will pair splendidly, too. This wine should be decanted.

92 points Vinous: Deep ruby. Powerful, spice-accented blackcurrant, cherry-cola, cured meat, and pungent flowers on the deeply perfumed nose. Offers intense dark berry liqueur, spice cake and violet pastille flavors that are lifted and sharpened by a strong jolt of smoky minerality. Concentrated as well as lively and focused, finishing on a gently tannic note, with impressive length and repeating floral and spice nuances.


The DomainAtlántida is an impressive red wine hailing from Spain’s most historic grape growing region of Jerez, most famous for its solera aging system of sherry. However, what is seldom spoken of are the astounding vineyard sites blanketing the region, where nearly forgotten grape varieties are grown. These noteworthy vineyards are producing some of the finest wines of Spain today. While historical Jerez had more than 80 different red and white grape varieties planted when phylloxera devastated the area, the trend shifted quickly to focus attention in the vineyard on the replanting and cultivation of one very productive strain of Palomino, the workhorse of Jerez and the base grape for dry sherry. However, one of the most interesting varieties of the pre-phylloxera era is Tintilla, a long-cycling, small grape. Through careful analysis, we have discovered that Tintilla is the ideal grape variety to transport the mineral-laden, salty, chalky characteristics of the albariza soil in which it is grown in the coastal terrain of Jerez. Tintilla vines require meticulous cultivation, and production is very limited.

Winemaker Alberto Orte is a man of few words and great humility. This taciturn demeanor belies an acute intellect and profound talent for extrapolating what he has learned from history and making it new again. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the wines he makes, which are history projects unto themselves. Bringing nearly forgotten grape varieties and ancient techniques back to Jerez, and expressing the story of a place with authenticity and purity – this is his imprimatur.  

Nowhere is this more keenly demonstrated than with Atlántida – Alberto has completely resurrected a lost grape, and now makes 2 wines which are the first 2 wines to be made from this grape in mainland Spain in over a century.