Adami COL FONDO Brut Nature Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Sui Lievito NV


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Alcohol: 11%

Grape(s): Glera

Localization: Treviso, Veneto, Italy

Tasting Notes: Aromas of fragrant spring flower, citrus and white orchard fruit mix with yeasty scents of bread dough on the lightly sparkling wine.

Notes: Sui Lieviti is the witness of this area's viticultural and oenological tradition. Belonging to the sparkling type and coming from grapes grown only within Valdobbiadene Docg, Sul Lievito spontaneously ferments in the bottle during spring. The presence of naturally selected yeasts in the bottle acts as a natural preservative, giving particular digestibility thanks also to the zero residual sugar (0 g/l).

The Domain: The development of viticulture in the hills of Valdobbiadene during the Renaissance also changed the appearance of the Colbertaldo area. An oak forest cut down between 1490 and 1542 was replaced by “plantings of vines and trees”, and the old name “Bosco di Gica” (“Gica Wood”) no longer seemed appropriate. The new name, “Zardin” (“Garden”), meanwhile, was perfectly suited to the charm of this rediscovered land. In a land register entry of 1717, it was changed to “Zardini” and subsequent Napoleonic and Austrian maps gave it the name of “Giardino”. The medieval intuition regarding the innate qualities of this land for wine growing was reflected in the subsequent viticultural approach. This is difficult territory, but one which is generous to those who dedicate their energies to its steep slopes. The soil is chalky, lean, and shallow, lying directly on the bedrock, which emerges in places. The vines cling to chestnut poles in south-facing parallel rows, echoing the typical uneven contours of these slopes. The incessant, painstaking care needed to farm here confirms the “cru” status of this vineyard.

The result is a “dry” wine, which brings together all the qualities of the Prosecco area: elegance, harmony and freshness, but above all fruit salad aromas. This is a wine that already in 1933 was selected as one of the best from Valdobbiadene, and was sent to represent the area at the 1st Mostra di Vini Tipici d’Italia, held in Siena between 3 and 18 August 1933. This recognition of merit is just one of the many awards our wines have received, that we still today remember with affection and pride. This is why the Giardino Vineyard has become Adami’s standard-bearer. Our symbol of quality.