Aceto di Birra "Beer Vinegar" - Acetaia San Giacomo


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Available in 100ml spray bottle

The craft beer trend meets traditional vinegar-making in this unique product by Acetaia San Giacomo! This rare vinegar is part of their special edition vinegars, the fantastic result of the creative experimentation and know-how of Andrea Bezzechi, owner and vinegar maestro.

It all starts with the must of Birra Audace, an artisan beer by Italian microbrewery 32 Via Dei Birrai. This craft beer is a bold, spiced ale with a citrus bouquet and a great Belgian-ale flavor. The master vinegar makers at Acetaia San Giacomo take this must and transform it into this artisan beer vinegar by slowly and naturally letting the malty flavors develop and the spice and citrus notes of the beer intensify.

The slow acetification without using any heat preserves the natural flavors of the Aceto di Birra and the organoleptic properties of the raw material. The result is a rich malt vinegar, complex and deeply flavorful, perfect to serve with fish and chips, fried foods or seafood.