11 Piece Field Collection Goat Milk Caramel Box - Big Picture Farms


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Wild Chocolate Mint: An infusion of wild mint and dark chocolate make these caramels rich and fresh. Pairs perfectly with hot chocolate or melted onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Raspberry Rhubarb: GOOD FOOD AWARD FINALIST 2015 We steep the milk with a cold press Rhubarb wine made by our friends at Putney Mountain Winery and let it caramelize with a generous portion of raspberries. Light and delicate, brings you back to a cool summer day.

Cider Honey: Our goats go bonzo for apple trees at all times of the year. Given the option, our goats would eat apple blossoms all day long. And when the blossoms fade away, they happily continue on the rest of the tree. So, we took some Vermont Pommeau (apple brandy wine) from our friends at the Putney Mountain Winery and added a splash of honey. The result is like a field of buttercups, delicate and light. Pairs nicely with an aged tomme, a cool night, and a little bit of cassis.

Brown Butter Bourbon: The goats' take on a butterscotch caramel. Browned butter and brown sugar caramelize with the best bourbon we can get our hands on to make this smooth, rich and delicious caramel. The ideal thing to have in your pocket on a cold dark night to keep your night sweet.

Go ahead, treat someone with some treats. Or treat yourself. :)

Contains sea salt, chai, maple and cocoa caramels