Sweet Coconut Curry - Wine Chips


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Available in 1oz Package 

In the storied regions of Northeastern India, bordering the Himalayas of Nepal and overlooking the Indian Ocean’s beautiful Bay of Bengal, the cuisine is as varied as it is delicious.  Coconut, although more commonly found in Thai and Indonesian cuisines, has found its way into a few select dishes from these regions, and our favorite is a sweet coconut curry with influences stretching across southeastern Asia.

When we first set out to capture this cuisine in this new Wine Chip, we were very excited about its potential… but the results were beyond our wildest expectations.

Try our Sweet Coconut Curry Wine Chip, and the rich multicultural flavor will shine through.  Pair it with a Albariño, Viognier or virtually any aromatic white wine, and it will take you on a culinary journey that you won’t soon forget!