Colombia Los Monjes Single Origin - Whole Bean Coffee


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12oz Bag of Beans

Flavor Profile: Fig, Baking Spices, Candied

Color: Purple - Luxurious, dark-fruit purple coffees showcase winey and dried fruit flavors typical of plums, port wine, and raisins.
Acidity: Bright
Elevation: 1750MASL
Harvest: Fall 2020
Roast: Light
Process: Washed
Ccultivar: Colombia + Caturra + Castillo + Typica

"In the municipality of Oporapa, high in the mountains sits a monastery that overlooks the town center. The monastery and the monks who live there (Los Monjes) have played a paramount role in the development of the culture throughout the entire region. People in the Oporapa community used to make pilgrimages to seek out wisdom from the monks. Today, the spirit of this practice is evident in the daily lives and values of the community, and on Sunday mornings the churches are filled with people arriving for worship. Their faith ultimately finds its way into the coffee produced here.

We first experienced Los Monjes last year, and we bought a large, mixed lot from their 100 producers for a spring blender component of our Mass Appeal. This year, we asked our sourcing partners to keep anything extraordinary separate as they cupped through the lots from all 100 producers (to build a higher-scoring lot as a single-origin release). This year's lot is the fruit of that labor; it's the combination of 11 standout producers. As a result, we're now able to source the entire regional lot while also highlighting the highest quality (AAA grade) these producers have to offer.

The high-elevation farms and rich volcanic soil in Huila enable some of the most fruit-forward coffees Colombia has to offer. Dial into deep, rich notes of fig and baking spices by starting with a 1:16.5 brew ratio, filtered water at 206-208℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5 minute brew cycle."