Graviera Agrafon


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Graviera is Greece’s second most popular cheese after Feta. The very first Graviera was produced in the country in 1914 by a cheesemaker in the Peloponnese and was based on the recipe of the Swiss Gruyère cheese but with one significant difference: cow’s milk was replaced by sheep and goat’s milk. There are three PDO Gravieras in Greece: Graviera Agrafon (produced in Western Thessaly and Evritania), Graviera Kritis (produced in Crete) and Graviera Naxou (from the island of Naxos in the Cyclades).

Graviera Agrafon PDO is produced in the mountainous regions of Agrafa. The addition of goat’s milk makes Graviera Agrafon harder and spicier than other similar cheeses. The cheese is then covered in natural beeswax.
At six months, Graviera Agrafon has a compact straw-coloured paste that is full of small round eyes. Its aroma is rich and grassy and its flavour is a touch spicy and goaty. Interestingly, this cheese’s flavour profile has made it more popular overseas than in Greece. Hence, most of the production is exported to France, Switzerland and Germany.