Alt Medisher Goat Cheese *QUARTER POUND*


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Goot Essa Alt Medisher  Goat Cheese is a gourmet, farmstead, raw goat milk cheese with a taste similar to aged gouda. The all-natural, artisanal taste, which is unique to our cheese house, is primarily due to the richness imparted by aging in our cheese cave.  The firm texture and mildly hard rind are complemented by the flavor of lush salted butter combined with hints of butterscotch and mushroom. Alt Medisher is produced in 4 lb wheels and is aged from 10 months to a full year before the unique flavor develops. Alt Medisher translates from Pennsylvania Dutch as “Old Fashioned” cheese.

Alt Medisher goes well blended into buttered noodles and other pasta-based dishes. The intense gouda flavor of Alt Medisher also goes well withRebecca’s Strawberry Cranberry Preserve, Dutch Treat Raspberry-Red Beet Spread, andSweet and Spicy Mustardas well as berries, stone fruits and peppery salami, Spanish Chorizo, Italian prosciutto or sliced country ham. Coupled with raw vegetables like celery, carrots and cauliflower, subtle tastes emerge. It also stars on a cheese plate and on the charcuterie board. Cut into small squares it is a wonderful appetizer either alone or on small pieces of sour dough bread. This cheese pairs well with a wide range of white and red wines as well as stouts, pale ales, German pilsners, and bock beers.


The goat milk is produced by an Amish farmer in Nittany Valley Pennsylvania from a flock of 25 milking goats. Each child adopts several goats and they all end up as family pets.


Goot Essa—good food in Pennsylvania Dutch.