Ceremony Single Origin Peru Cenfrocafe Coffee Beans


Only 2 left!

12oz Bag of Beans

Flavor Profile: Chocolate malt, Cashew Butter, Balanced

Color: Light Brown - Reliable, all-day brown coffees balance sweet and toasty with a hint of excitement, creating well-liked flavors of milk chocolate, caramels, and vanilla ice cream.

Acidity: Pleasing
Elevation: 1700MASL
Harvest: Summer 2020
Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Caturra + Typica

"We look forward to the arrival of Cenfrocafe every year, as this coffee has become a reliable, brown staple in our seasonal offering. This co-op's consistency stems from their foundation of proven farming and processing practices coupled with a continuous improvement model guided by years of cupping and quality control. As a result, we're lucky enough to source increasingly appealing coffees with classic, balanced profiles that return year after year.

Like much of Peru, Cenfrocafe produces certified organic and Fairtrade coffees. We prioritize producers who are stewards of land and life, so it can be helpful to see an outward sign of this objective from time to time. It may not always be possible for producers to pay for expensive certifications, but in this case, by coming together and growing their influence under these certifications, the small-holding farmers of Cenfrocafe have made socially and environmentally responsible solutions fundamental to what they do. While significant, organic and Fairtrade statuses do not speak to quality, so that still comes down to exceptional care-taking of the land, trees, harvest, process, and storage. In addition to strict care of the coffee, it is through their detailed internal audit performed every year that we know on average the farmers of Cenfrocafe receive 83% of the coffee sale price through two pay outs; a majority at the time of coffee delivery and the remainder in April after all sales are completed.

This year's lot of Cenfro is ultra-sweet, well-balanced, full bodied--a total comfort coffee. It reminds of a trip to the ice cream shop for a classic chocolate malt or Whooper candy. We recommend this light-medium roast for press pot, auto-dripper, and immersion dripper methods. Additionally, Cenfro also makes for a sweet, light espresso"