Ceremony Single Origin Papua New Guinea Ulya Coffee Beans


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12oz Bag of Beans

Flavor Profile: Lime, Medjool Dates, Juicy
Citrus, date sweetness, and chocolate make ideal drip or pour over coffee

Color: Green - Fresh, enzymatic green coffees lead with sweetly tart and herbaceous flavors like granny smith apples, key limes, and sage.
Acidity: Citric
Elevation: 1600MASL
Harvest: Summer 2020
Roast: Light
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Typica + Arusha

"Papua New Guinea is a relatively new player to commercial coffee production. Seeds from Jamaica were brought over in the 1920's and most production back then was on large plantations. Today, only 15% of the countries coffee exports are grown on plantations, with the majority coming from smallholder producers or "gardeners" as they are called locally. The country's culture is still heavily influenced by indigenous tribe traditions and over 800 languages on record, making it a very unique country to work with socially and politically.

This year our Papua New Guinea coffee comes from the Ulya plantation mill. The mill lies in the heart of the Waghi Valley, in the Western Highlands, with high elevations ideal for specialty coffee cultivation. The mill processes their own coffee as well as acting as a centralized mill for neighboring gardeners. Each day's lots are harvested and processed separately and cupped. This coffee is built from the best of those lots, combined for highest quality flavors and complexity.

This infrastructure makes it more difficult to produce and find high quality coffees, though it's not impossible, and that much more rewarding when it happens. It is an honor to source from Papua New Guinea and watch the origin continue to develop in the specialty world. The unique flavor characteristics - earthy, citric, herbal, juicy - make it worth the pursuit. We encourage paper filtered, by-the-cup pour over methods to get the most articulate brews of this outstanding coffee. Dial-into lime and Medjool date by starting with a 1:16.5 brew ratio, filtered water at 206-208℉, a medium grind, and a 3-3.5 minute brew cycle."