Ceremony Mass Appeal Coffee Beans


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12oz Bag of Beans

Flavor Profile: Milk Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Creamy

Color: Dark Brown - Popular, caramelized brown coffees are big on sweet, dessert-like flavors like semisweet chocolate, cake, and candied nuts
Acidity: Soft
Elevation: 1500MASL
Harvest: Winter 2019/2020
Roast: Medium
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Typica + Castillo + Bourbon + Caturra + Mundo Novo

Country: Colombia + Mexico (Multiple Small Producers)

"Rich, sweet blend on a mission to convert the masses. All chocolate and caramel - a sweet tooth's dream."

"Big in body and extremely sweet, Mass Appeal is an ideal workhorse espresso or full-bodied filter brew. Perfectly rich with milk and as a standalone, thanks to plentiful dark chocolate and sweet almond flavors, this blend of seasonal coffees from the Americas is extremely popular and hard to resist.

Get dialed into a sweet, full-bodied espresso with a brew ratio around 1:1.85 and a boiler temperature of 200F."