Hermit Thrush Brattleberry Sour Ale


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Hermit Thrush Brewing- Brattleboro, VT

Sour golden ale aged in an oak foudre for 18 months with Dutton Farm (VT) raspberries and apples, fermented with Brattleboro wild mixed culture.

First we make Brattlebeer, and then we make Brattleberry. Brattlebeer ages for 10-12 months on Vermont apples in an oak foudre with a history dating back to the 1800’s. To make Brattleberry, we throw in fresh local raspberries and age it for another 6-8 months. The result is a beautiful clear rosé colored beer with a balanced raspberry flavor, and a crisp champagne like finish. The use of fresh fruit allows our wild mixed culture yeast to shine and compliment the fruit, instead of one masking the other.

330 mL Bottle

5.7% ABV